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Review | The Iron Trial by Cassandra Clare and Holly Black

The Iron Trial - Cassandra Clare, Holly Black

The Magisterium is evil, or so Callum has been taught his whole life. His father has told him of the horrors of the Mages' world.

But Callum's nightmares will come to life when he is forced to take The Iron Trial, which serve as an entrance exam for the Magistrium.

Callum needs to fail this test-- for his father, his dead mother, and so he can avoid the monsters his father told him about. It should be easy-- Callum has never had trouble failing a test before-- but this test seems like it was rigged against Callum.

If Callum does not fail, then he will be trapped in the headquarters of the enemy, The Magistrium. It is supposedly the academy for up-and-coming mages, but his father has told him of the awful truth, which includes carnivorous blind fish, an endless maze of tunnels, and lethal elementals.


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