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My two best friends and I are extreme book nerds. Especially for YA books. Since we are viewed as weird in the real world, we decided to go to the Internet, where everyone is weird. It has been going pretty well. Our original blog is Crazy for YA

The GIF Tag

Regardless of how you pronounce it, GIFs have become a staple in the book blogging universe. I have never really used them a lot, but I enjoy reading posts with them. I mean it is the best way to incorporate other fandoms into your blog (especially Doctor Who).

I was tagged by the wonderful Sincerely, a Book Nerd to do this tag.

She gave me ten books that I have to describe using GIFs. Words are allowed, but the GIF should do most of the talking.

Then, I will nominate another blogger to respond to my list of ten books.

So here we go!


Read the rest here http://4evercrazyforya.blogspot.com/2015/02/the-gif-tag.html 

Source: http://4evercrazyforya.blogspot.com/2015/02/the-gif-tag.html