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Review | Palace of Mirrors by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Palace of Mirrors - Margaret Peterson Haddix

Despite her rough clothes covered in dirt, one-room hut that would not even satisfy a royal servant, and old "grandmother" who is definitely not royalty, Cecilia is the true princess. 
Or at least that is what she has been took since she was born. 
She was also told that the disguise was necessary to hide from the evil that her parents, the king and queen, could not escape. 
For the time being, Desmia, a simple commoner, was put on the throne as a decoy to protect the throne in Cecilia's absence. 
But, Cecilia is becoming a bit impatient with waiting for the darkness to disappear before she can claim the life of luxury that is meant to be hers. 
Finally fed up with the secrets and lies, Cecilia decides to go to the Palace of Mirrors, her rightful palace, and set things straight. Until she discovers that Desmia believes that she is the true princess. 



Palace of Mirrors has a serious case of second book syndrome.

I absolutely loved Just Ella, the first novel in the series. It followed Cinderella after her "happily ever after." It showed that not every story ends the way it is supposed to, but that does not make it worse than you expected. The characters were complex and interesting, along with the plot and the story. Unfortunately, this is not the same with Palace of Mirrors.


Find out why in the original review on my main blog. 



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