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Review | Flowers for Algernon by David Keyes

Charlie has never been...the brightest being on earth. With an IQ of 68 and a big heart, he is taken advantage of by everyone, teased, and exiled by his own family. When the opportunity arises for him to have an operation that will increase his intelligence, he is eager to do it, despite the risks. As his intelligence increases, he remembers things about his childhood he never knew, learns about that world around him, and his morals become compromised, especially when he finds out that he’s been a laughing stock of society.


One thing I really liked about this book was the way it was written. Keyes has a style that I can only describe as intelligent. When you first pick up the book, you’ll think I’m crazy, but just go with it. Actually, the way he writes it in the beginning, with everything spelled wrong, is brilliant. Keep in mind, the book is written from Charlie’s point of view, so at the beginning, when he has an IQ of 68, that’s how he writes, that’s how he talks. It really gives the reader perspective, and I enjoyed it, though after I was done reading that part I thought I was the one spelling everything wrong. Throughout the book, I was drawn in by the author’s style. It’s different than anything I’ve read--first person, inside the mind of a man who is slowly going insane.


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