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My two best friends and I are extreme book nerds. Especially for YA books. Since we are viewed as weird in the real world, we decided to go to the Internet, where everyone is weird. It has been going pretty well. Our original blog is Crazy for YA

June 2015 Wrap-Up


Even though it is the start of summer, my life has been pretty busy. And for better or worse, it seems like it is only going to be crazier. I have been putting off my summer schoolwork for next year, so I will have to start tackling that in July. I also have been visiting the pool, playing tennis on the local courts, and putting in a lot of hours of work. Unfortunately, there has not been a lot of time to squeeze in some reading in between everything that has been going on (I feel like I am saying that a lot). 

On the bright side, we finished our first readathon last week! It was extremely fun and productive. I ended up reading 3.5 books in less than one week, which is probably some kind of personal record. Now let's just hope I can make a personal book reviewing record....

In case you have not noticed, our blog also got quite a face-lift this month. The color scheme changed and the layout was tweaked just a little bit. I wanted a more professional look that was still a little bit fun, and I think I nailed it (to put it humbly).


Find out more about my month reading-wise and a sneak peek into next month on the blog!



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