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Discussion | Authors are People Too


You have just finished a terrible book. The characters were shallow, one-dimensional, and just plain boring. The plot put you to sleep and the world-building was nonexistent. Obviously, there is only one person to blame -- the author. It is not like that monkey with a keyboard can possibly be considered of the same intellect, or even species, as me. 

The only way to fully express my distaste for the novel and its author is to say nasty, uncalled for, and sometimes untruthful insults everywhere on the Internet.

This, my friends, is part of the poison that is corrupting readers and bloggers. 

Unfortunately, author-bashing has become somewhat of a trend. With the added convenience of being able to insult anyone in the world over the Internet, people have been lining up to take shots at each other. Bloggers, readers, and authors are not immune to this either. I know because I have been guilty of it on several occasions. Most of the time, I do not even realize that I have committed this deadly deed. I mean, authors are invincible and cannot be hurt by a mere mortal like me, right? 


Wrong. So totally and utterly wrong.


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