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My two best friends and I are extreme book nerds. Especially for YA books. Since we are viewed as weird in the real world, we decided to go to the Internet, where everyone is weird. It has been going pretty well. Our original blog is Crazy for YA

Reading progress update: I've read 235 out of 464 pages.

The Cuckoo's Calling - Robert Galbraith

I have been reading The Cuckoo's Nest for a good two weeks and it is just starting to pick up. I have been struggling to get into the mystery and action due to the quiet nature of the "mystery" in this novel. The whole investigation was going at a snail's pace right, with little to no significant progress to keep me intrigued, but that just changed. It took half of the book, but I am finally interested in the storyline again. I really hope Rowling can turn this second half of the book around to redeem the slow first half.