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In Defense of Reading Multiple Books at Once


I am not one of those people who systematically eat their meals in order. (I hope we have already established the fact that I am far from normal, if not, here is your first clue.) For example, if I were to have a hearty and delicious meal of meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and peas, I would not eat anything in order. I would probably start with the meatloaf, and eat a couple of bites of the surprisingly delicious protein yes, meatloaf can be amazing. Then, I would take a couple of scoopfuls of mashed potatoes, maybe even mixing the meatloaf and the potatoes. I would then rotate to taste the peas. This process would repeat until I finish the whole meal.

I read exactly like I read. I love to nibble on one book, then snack on another, then return to the first one. (See, there was a point to that intro besides making you incredibly hungry.)

I read multiple books at one time, and there is nothing wrong with that. 

In some spheres, this is one of the dirtiest and most humiliating crime to commit in the reading universe. Most people do not think that you can read two books at one time and fully enjoy and understand both of them.

I am living proof to the contrary.

I am a fickle mood reader sometimes, which means I can get bored with books really quickly, no matter how good they are. I need to refresh my palette by reading something else, like taking a crisp sip of cool water after a good meal. This translates into me reading more than one book at a time. 

I think that it can be beneficial to take a step back from a story and start a new one for a couple of reasons.


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