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Allegiant - Veronica Roth This review is pretty much all spoilers. So all of you spoilly people, LEAVE!

The biggest problem I had with Allegiant was the dual POVs. When I heard the news that the book would be split POVS I wanted to know why. Now I know that Roth should stick to girl POVs. I had trouble remembering whose chapter I was reading. I personally liked the mystery aspect of Four's personality, but in this book it totally disappeared. I guess we know why the book was in both Tris's and Tobias's perspectives now. Because one of them dies!!!!

Roth was especially cruel because she actually gave us hope for a happy ending! All of those sweet Tobias-Tris moments were just to build hope that would come crashing down with the ending.

I really wanted Tris and Tobias to get married, have kids, and love each other fourever (can you blame me for trying to lighten the mood?), but a small part of me knew that wasn't going to happen. They will never get to live together like we thought, but they will love each other fourever. Tobias will never fourget Tris and live his life for her, Uriah, and everyone else who died. Tris did give her life four Tobias, so he could live the life he deserved. And come on, we all knew that someone important was going to die. It might as well have been Tris. The moment before her martyrdom, we saw Tris in her purest essence. She was herself, a perfectly blended Dauntless-Abnegation who would do anything for the people she loves.