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The Name of This Book Is Secret

The Name of This Book Is Secret - Pseudonymous Bosch, Gilbert Ford This book is was created for a middle school audience, but the riddles and mysteries in this series can be enjoyed by any YA lover.
The only thing worse than not knowing a secret is knowing a secret.
Cass and Max are unlikely friends, but they both have one thing in common-they love mysteries. When they discover a "dead" magician's journal they are swept up in a mystery of epic portion. Something is stolen, and they must get it back, for the world depends on it. They encounter crazy carnies, a Symphony of Smells, a blind dog, and a secret society hunting for immortality. Their lives are constantly in danger, and yours will be too, because you can never forget a secret.
I love this author. And for those of you who don't know, a pseudonym is a false name (see author's name). He thinks of riddles and complications that I would never have expected from a middle school book. This book kept me thinking and wondering. What is more intriguing than a secret? His footnotes are enteraining and informational. It is the perfect combination of logic, magic, and mystery. The best word to describe this book would be quirky.
I give this book five stars!
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