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The Fire

The Fire - Elijah Wood, James Patterson, Spencer Locke, Jill Dembowski This is the last book in the Witch and Wizard triology. The series is about two kids (Wisty and Whit) and how their worlds change overnight. They are kidnapped and accused of being magical. Wisty specializes in turning herself into a human torch. Whit is a healer. They go to prison alot and become leaders of a resistance. They try to overthrow the evil leader, The One.

I thought this book was the worst in the triology. The only reason I finished it was because I emotionally invested in this book and I was going to know what happened. Witch and Wizard was good, but the series went downhill from there. The Fire and The Gift were really confusing and generally uninteresting. The only reason I gave this book 2 stars was because Wisty ended up with Bryon in the end. (He might kinda be a traitor, but he is better than Pearce, right?) I think that Whit held on to Celia for too long, and he was obessive. I mean what is wrong with Janine?!?! I liked the Maxium Ride series by the same author, but this was not as good.

Some of the things that annoyed/confused me:

1. The whole concept about how this is the future and the people just let this happen.
2. How come the One gets control over like 4 elements and Whit doesn't even get one?
3. Pearce, where did this guy come from and why does he like Wisty?!?
4. Bryon, traitor or not???
5. The Plague, they gave no history and how can the One just create a killer plague??
6. How Wisty's powers just made the One and Pearce stronger.