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Wings - Aprilynne Pike Laurel is a faerie.
She doen't know this until a huge flower sprouts out of her back, but she has always been a little bit weird. She is a vegan, she doesn't have to wash her hair, and she was a basket baby. But she never expected to be this weird.
Laurel just started public school after being homeschooled in a small town for all of her life. The first person she happens to meet is a boy, who to no one's surprise turns out to be the love interest. He (David) just happens to be a science nerd and knows everything about biology. David tries to help Laurel with her "problem".
Laurel also meets a male faerie, and a love triangle is born. While all this is happening trolls are planning the downfall of the human (and faerie) world.
I really liked this book, but really liking isn't the same as loving. I am a sucker for anything that involves faeries, and this book wasn't an exception. I would only change a couple of things. I think Laurel accepts that she is a faerie too quickly. If I woke up with a huge flower growing out of my back someone was going to pay. I also don't understand how you can hide a flower growing out of your back. But I really loved other scenes, like the river scene (you will understand when you read the book).
I give this book 3.5 stars.
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